Academic Writing and its Importance

I have a course of Academic Writing and all the students are fed up with it. They said that this subject is boring.They are right but it has so many advantages and importance in our educational life and in our career too.All the jobs require writing be it composing emails, writing letters and applications.Doctors and nurses have to write medical reports. Engineers have to make project proposal and reports.So Academic Writing is very important and all the workers and students should become better at it.

Games Mania 😜😛

wp-1462726307960.jpgGames are not only for the children but for everyone..
My sisters are so crazy about games that if they see any smart phone they just start playing games any time.. 💙❤
When i have time i usually play candy crush and puzzle games and sometimes finding hidden objects games…
What about u all?So guys tell me what are your favourite games? 😊